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Anonymous asked:

Thank you for those words of encouragement they mean so much to me. I am trying to find God's purpose for me on life

Amen!!! I was looking to see this early this morning! Have an awesome day!

14yearsakid asked:

*bangs pots together* WAKE UP WAKE UP WAKE UP I'm Sabrina Walsh and I need answers. Do you run rihmotions? Do you know anyone who runs rihmotions? Do you associate yourself with them? How many blogs do you own? You are under oath. This is not a game. I got 99 questions and you will not avoid any of them.

Chile I’m from the hood snitches get stitches put dem pots up so I can go to bed!!

Anon that was talking about not wanting to live

Before I go to bed, please know that I have prayed for you! God loves you so much! You are WORTH LIVING! God created you for a purpose! It’s so important for you to know what that is and walk it out! Because there is someone on this earth depending on you to become exactly who God said you are! The devil has no more power over you! I want to hear from you in the morning when I get up, ok? And in case you haven’t heard it from anyone else, I LOVE YOU WITH THE LOVE OF CHRIST!

Love CM

P.S. In the morning




Where is Stalker Sarah when you need her? I’m sure she’d be able to find out who rihmotions is for me ;( she gotta tumblr? Omg I need her because even Scooby-Doo and the gang can’t solve this mystery. Dora’s map can’t direct me to the right location on finding this out. I don’t even think Olivia Pope can fix this.

Rihmotions is celeb ministry

shammy78 you see this…I 😭😭😭 man look I’m going to bed for real
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